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LPlib is Levitte Programming's collection of utilities and portability routines and utilities. It currently contains the following parts:

Routines to do library reading in a uniform way on Unix, VMS and Windows. The Windows part still needs some work, especially for WinCE.
A set of routines to create and handle hash tables. The hash keys are created separately, and may be created entirely by the user. Two routines to create keys from a string or from a section of memory are provided.
A collection of routines for memory allocation with extra checks, reference counting, that sort of things.
Macros to provide uniform shared library/plug-in/module loading. Currently only implemented for Unix.
Macros, routines and utility to provide status codes similar to those that are standard on VMS (in fact, on VMS, the native status codes are used), and to handle them in all kinds of ways.
A set of macros that implements asserts that uses macros from LPstatus.
A collection of routines for advanced string handling, beyond the capabilities of the usual <string.h> routines. These include some unusual str routines, string buffers with length counters, and iterators over those.
Macros to provide uniform thread handling. Currently only implemented for pthreads.
A set of routines to create and handle hash tables.

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